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Léon Krier

The “Royal Mint Experience” consists on the new Wales’ cultural attraction. Opened for the first time in 1968 by the Queen, this building hasn’t been exposed to the public until the 18th of May of 2016. In the interior, we can find the history of the coins that we all use nowadays (as far as you live in one of the 60 countries that produces them), as well as the visualization of the production process and the explication of how to identify the genuine coins.
On the other hand, the architect wanted to expose in the exterior a sample of what we will find when going into the edifice, so the façade is strategically covered with a combination of our stainless steel sheets, so that it symbolizes the coins.

Royal Mint Experience
Royal Mint Experience
Royal Mint Experience

Productos utilizados en el proyecto:

Chapa acero inoxidable texturada 10WG-Woodgrain(USA)

10WG (ROW) / Woodgrain (USA)

Metric Standards:
• Widths: 1,000mm & 1,250mm
• Thicknesses: 0.4mm – 1.5mm

Metric: The standard lengths are 2.000, 2.500mm and 3.000mm.

Metric: The standard widths are 1.000mm and 1.250mm


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