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Frank Gehry

Philadelphia Museum’s aim is to inspire their visitors and discover to them the imagination spirit that lies in each person; connecting them with art in an intense and memorable manner. This way, it invites us to perceive the world and ourselves through the expressive and attractive power of art.
Nowadays, it is part of the biggest and most relevant US art museums, and their strategy to reach this point and continue offering a high quality service is very simple: they are in a continuous period of evolution, so that they can providing their clients an enchanting experience, which they refer to as ‘the research of a perfect mixture between the modern and the antique’.
Consequently, in 2006, the architect Frank Gehry started with a 500 million dollars project, which will be carried out in different stages with an estimated duration of a decade. The objective is to respect and preserve the building original integrity, but adding some elements which makes evident our culture evolution thorough the years.
This way, steel and stone are joined, so that the elevator interior, covered with our stainless steel, makes contrast with the stone of the exterior design. As a result, Philadelphia Museum has turned into a work of art; elegant, unique and innovative at the same time.

Philadelphia Museum
Philadelphia Museum
Philadelphia Museum
Philadelphia Museum

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