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What comes to your mind when thinking about the perfect elevator? We personally conceive it as a mixture of not only a secure space in which the user can move with confidence to its destiny, but also it must count with an attractive appearance that makes the travel pleasant to the user. This is, it has to count with the following attributes: excellence, modernity and quality, as well as security.
In these terms, In-metals SL is specialized in the stainless steel distribution, which is suitable for its application, among others, in the elevator sector. We know that we can trust in our steel for several reasons, being one of them its large resistance in surroundings susceptible of being harmed (for instance, in locations such as stations, airports, catering… because of the pedestrian traffic). We trust that our steel is not only the ideal material for ensuring a major durability and life quality than with an ordinary steel, but also for making a singular and high standing project.

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