In-metals activity is the stainless steel purchasing and stocking, in different grades and finishes. Consequently, we are able to deliver our sheets in 24-48 hours at any point of the peninsula.


In-metals SL was born because of our customers’ necessity of managing their decorative stainless steel purchasing.
Due to the distant location of decorative stainless steel producers (in foreign countries), In-metals customers had problems finding specific finishes for their projects.
Being aware of this requirement, and after a long way, we created In-metals SL in 2011, so that we could guide the client thorough it necessities and stock the most urgent material.
This formula has made possible for In-metals a more agile and economic service. Therefore, nowadays our company not only stocks simple decorative stainless steel, but it also includes in its catalogue satin finishes, in order providing a global service to our customers.

“Nuestro reto es hacer accesible y fácil de adquirir un material en un principio complicado y difícil de conseguir. Todo ello gracias a un servicio rápido y un intercambio constante de información con nuestros clientes.”

Iñaki Goiria In-metals Manager.